Defense Advisory Committee on Investigations, Prosecution, and Defense of Sexual Assault in the Armed Forces

Colonel Jeff A. Bovarnick, JAGC, U.S. Army - Executive Director
Ms. Julie K. Carson - Deputy Director
Mr. Dale L. Trexler - Chief of Staff

Ms. Alice Falk - Technical Writer-Editor
Ms. Audrey B. Critchley - Attorney-Advisor
Ms. Theresa Gallagher - Attorney-Advisor
Ms. Nalini Gupta - Attorney-Advisor
Ms. Amanda Hagy - Senior Paralegal
Mr. Chuck Mason - Attorney-Advisor
Ms. Marguerite McKinney - Management and Program Analyst
Ms. Laurel Prucha Moran - Graphic Designer
Ms. Meghan Peters - Attorney-Advisor
Ms. Stacy Powell - Senior Paralegal

Ms. Stayce Rozell - Senior Paralegal
Ms. Terri Saunders - Attorney-Advisor

Ms. Kate Tagert - Attorney-Advisor
Ms. Eleanor Magers Vuono - Attorney-Advisor
Dr.. William Wells - Criminologist

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