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External Sexual Assault Reports

Government Accountability Office Report: Military Justice-Oversight and Better Collaboration Needed for Sexual Assault Investigations and Adjudications, dated June, 2011

Center for American Progress Report: Twice Betrayed-Bringing Justice to the U.S. Military's Sexual Assault Problem, dated November, 2013

U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Report: Sexual Assault in the Military, dated September, 2013

White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault Report: Not Alone, dated April, 2014White House Council on Women and Girls Report: Rape and Sexual Assault-A Renewed Call to Action, dated January, 2014

Human Rights Watch Report: Embattled-Retaliation Against Sexual Assault Survivors in the U.S. Military, dated 2015Human Rights Watch: Detailed Recommendation for the Department of Defense Regarding Special Victim Counsel (SVC) and Victims' Legal Counsel (VLC), dated 2015 Human Rights Watch Report: Booted-Lack of Recourse for Wrongfully Discharged U.S. Military Rape Survivors, dated 2016